Animal Advocates of Carroll Co., MD, Inc.

Greater Baltimore Area, MD

Spay & Neuter Carroll Co. Cats

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The Animal Advocates of Carroll Co. will use funds provided to assist Carroll Co. residents with the cost of having their cats spayed or neutered.
Cats are the only pets being destroyed at our local shelter for lack of space. Last year, 2,298 cats lost their lives there.
Reducing the number of fertile cats in our community will reduce the birthrate, and increase the demand for cats available at the shelter. It will also decrease the number of cats and kittens being surrendered there. Reducing the intake rate, and increasing the adoption rate, will result in the lives of many more cats being saved.

Animal Advocates of Carroll Co., MD, Inc.
PO Box 213
New Windsor, MD 21776
About Us

The Animal Advocates of Carroll Co., MD, Inc. is a non-profit organization formed to promote the humane treatment of animals, responsible pet ownership, shelter pet adoption and pet spay and neuter, all with the goal of increasing the live release rate of animals from our local animal shelter.